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How To Get Want You Want In 2020: Leeds Magician Kristian Treen Gives You His Best Advice

leeds magician Kristian Treen

What is it you want? What is your vision, your ideal reality?

There is a difference between dreams and goals. Dreams require thought, goals require action. Stop dreaming, start doing.

Whatever it is, whether it be to work for yourself, land your dream job or be the best ice-skater in the world (why not) then this post is going to help you achieve it. I will never label myself as a life-coach or guru, the advice that I am sharing with you are things that I have used, and continue to use, in my life in order to achieve my goals and get what.

So, let's get to it. Here are 5 powerful techniques that you can start doing TODAY to get whatever you want in 2020. Enjoy!


In order to achieve what you want, you first need to define what it actually is. This sounds really basic, I know, but, for a long time, I never had a clearly defined goal. I was vague about my ambitions and unclear on my strategy. Be specific. Saying something like 'I want more money' or 'I want a better job' is devoid of definiteness. If you want more money, how much. If you want a 'better' job, then define what that job is.

Be as specific as possible. The more specific you are the more likely it is you will achieve what you want. When you have your clearly defined goal write it down. Another great thing you can do is to create a time-frame in which to achieve your goal. For example: 'By the end of May 2020, I want to have doubled my income by landing my dream job working for (name of company). This is a great goal. It has a clear focus and definite time-frame in which to achieve it. To get where you want to be, you need to be clear about where you are going.


The phrase 'work hard' gets thrown-around a lot these days. But what does it actually mean to work hard. For me, it's putting in sustained, consistent, concentrated effort.

Read that back to yourself a few times to allow its contents to properly sink-in. You see, the bigger your goals, the more work you're going to have to put in. That's just facts. But the work you put in needs to be aligned with your purpose. This is why its so important to have a clearly defined goal.

All of your actions and efforts need to be concentrated into achieving whatever it is you want. Your efforts must also match your expectations. Its no good saying 'I want to triple my income' and then spend every evening binge-watching Riverdale. Napoleon Hill defined success as 'the gradual realisation of a worthy ideal'. Decide what you want and then do everything it takes to get it on a daily basis.

leeds magician Kristian Treen


You need to develop an insatiable appetite for the process. You must enjoy the becoming as much as you enjoy the being. In fact, I would even go so as far as to say that you should enjoy the becoming more than the being.

Fall in love with the climb, with the journey, with the development. It's okay to think you're good, as long as you never think you're good enough. Always be learning, always be creating, always be developing. The moment you settle is the moment you stop. Everything is an opportunity and everyday is filled with an abundance of possibilities which will allow you to grow and achieve everything you want. So seize the moment, put in the work and manifest your goals into reality.


When you have your clearly defined goal, it's a really good idea to break that goal down into achievable smaller goals. View these smaller goals as milestones, markers that allow you to monitor your progress and fill you with multiple senses of achievement along the way. You see, when we are too tunnel-visioned, when we are too focused on the end goal, then we miss out on all the satisfaction of the journey. So, once you have clearly defined what you what, decide how you are going to get there and write down a list of smaller goals that will help you gravitate towards your big goal.

For example, if your goal is to be a famous YouTuber who has 100,000 subscribers (very admirable goal) then think of ways to break this down into achievable smaller goals. One of these smaller goals may be something like, 'every Saturday I will upload a new video for the next year'. This smaller goal then feeds in to your bigger goal and voila! you have your strategy. Here's what that would look like: 'My goal is to become a famous YouTuber who has 100,000 subscribers. I will achieve this by uploading one quality video every Saturday to my channel for the next year'. This, my friends, dramatically increase your chances of getting whatever you want.


Instead of thinking of all the reasons why you can't, why not focus on all the reasons why you can? If you truly understood the power of your thoughts then you would never have a negative thought again. Stop waiting until everything is just right. Stop waiting until you feel like you are ready. Stop trying to be perfect. Start now. Good things happen when you stop dwelling on difficulties and start taking action.

Woody Allen said that '80% of success is showing up'. Start showing up. Forget about making excuses and forget about placing unnecessary limitations on yourself. You can achieve anything you want, you just need to be committed and you just need to start.

leeds magician Kristian Treen


So, that's my 5 best pieces of advice on how to get whatever you want in 2020. This list is by no means exhaustive and you may have other ways which help you - if so, I'd love to hear them so feel free to leave all of your thoughts in the comments below.

I really hope you have been able to find value in this post and can take something useful away and apply it to your life today. I am by no means a finished product and I am learning and making mistakes everyday.

My goal is to help you on your journey to pursue your passions and create a life you are proud of. Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this post and for making it all the way to the end. I will catch you all again in the next post which will be available this coming Saturday.

We are in it together.


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