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How to have a better day: a 24 hour transformation from Leeds magician Kristian Treen

Who doesn't want to have a better day? Our time on this planet is finite so why not get the most out of the days we have. Life can be tough. I get that. We all hit points where everything just feels like crap. But the only way out of rut is to make the decision to break through it. In this post, I've listed 5 things that have helped me to invigorate my existence and generally have a much better day. Let's get straight into it.

Leeds magician Kristian Treen


We've all heard of the benefits of meditation. But maybe you haven't tried this particular type of meditation. This is something that combines two of my loves: meditation and cold showers. It's simple. You jump into a shower of cold water and, once you've finished, just stand there for a few minutes and meditate. You don't have to sit down, although this feels pretty cool (pun intended). Cold showers have been proven to alleviate anxiety and generally put you in a better mood. I can certainly vouch for the positive effects of cold showers. So yeah, get a cold shower and spend the next several minutes focusing on your breath. This is a perfect way to begin your day.


Morning what? Morning mindstorming is something I came up with recently and I seriously urge you to give it a go. If you're anything like me, then a million thoughts fly into your head every second. I'm a fan of making lists but I find I only ever list the most important things that need doing. Morning mindstorming is where you write down every thought that comes into your head that you feel deserves more attention. It could be ideas, intentions, feelings, anything! I think of thoughts like butterflies. You need to catch them before they fly away. Here's an example of my morning mindstorm from today:

Leeds magician Kristian Treen


Your diet dictates your day. If you eat bad, you'll feel bad. Simple. I understand. That Big Tasty will certainly tickle your taste buds in all the right places but there's better options available if you want to feel energised rather than sluggish. I'm no dietician or nutritionist but, over the years, I have certainly noticed the correlation between a healthy diet and general well-being. Of course, we are all different so you'll need to play around and see what works best for you. Here's a list of my top foods that I highly recommend adding to your diet:

> Blueberries

> Avocado

> Oily Fish (sardines in olive oil is great)

> Oats

> Eggs

> Bananas


Make someone's day. Be the reason someone smiles. Just be a good human being. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Help someone who looks like they're in need. When you cultivate kindness, when you do good things for people then you begin a process of spreading positive vibrations that ricochet from one person to another. You have no idea how far your small acts of kindness will reach. Kindness is contagious. People always talk about changing the world. Start by changing someone's world.


You don't need to have a gym membership to move more. Just going for a short walk in the fresh air can work wonders for your mental well-being. One of my favourite things to do is, as soon as I wake up, do a short yoga session. Stretching your body and breathing deeply rather than laying in bed and scrolling on your phone is an excellent way to kickstart your day. I find that, when I move more I think less. It's easy to get stuck in a cycle of anxious thoughts when we are sedentary. Being active shifts your focus and stops you from dwelling on thoughts that serve only to deplete you.


So that's it. I urge you to implement these tips into your daily life. Maybe you'll try all of them, maybe you'll try one. It's your life. You are entitled to do as you please. This is simply advice from someone who has made their life dramatically better by utilising the 5 things mentioned in this article. We all deserve to be happy and we all deserve to have good days. I genuinely hope that, after reading this, you are able to have a better day and a happier life.


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